Save 35% when you buy three one-on-one pilates training sessions with Robert Hanson!

Centrally located in West Hollywood, Robert trains with the understanding that every “body” is different. Your individual training program is based on body condition, body type, functional movement, personality, goals, injuries, and limitations.

New clients can now purchase a package of three sessions for $195 — that’s only $65/session. Contact Robert and book your first appointment for your next three, one-on-one pilates sessions with Robert. This offer is good for a limited time only.  Get fit this summer! 

“You will feel better in ten sessions, look better in twenty sessions, and have a completely new body in thirty sessions.”



Robert Hanson

Robert Hanson

“Robert offers several types of workout styles but all end up being effective. I've tried strength training, yoga, and pilates with him and all have left me sore the next day (the good kind.) He knows how to work around your problem areas and how to target the muscles that need to be strengthened. He also had me do specific exercises at home to correct my posture & back problems. He's incredibly personable and has a wealth of knowledge. He makes workouts an enjoyable experience & stays with you the entire time to help & correct your movements. You won't find him yelling at you from across the gym while texting like the typical trainer. Well worth the investment & it shows.” — ALEX AGUILAR

“Robert is an excellent Pilates trainer. He has a professional and gentle manner and really understands his craft. I worked with Robert after sustaining an  injury and found him to be very understanding yet he did not allow me to perform beneath my ability. I have taken Pilates for over a decade and can say with a great degree of confidence that he is one of the best in the field.” — MELANIE PETERSEN

“Robert is thoughtful, intuitive and challenging. He listened to my needs for my body transformation and he created a plan to help me achieve my goals. He is always on time and forgiving when I needed to cancel (single father of two, emergencies happen). I am very grateful to have his knowledge and insight.” — GAETANO JONES


Send Robert a message using this contact or call him directly to book your appointment(s):
 (323) 317-8804

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