Pilates training focuses on developing the same muscular skills and mental focus that create winning competitive riders, as well as competent and knowledgeable beginners. Great for any sport, but especially for competitive athletes like equestrians, pilates lets you work the muscles and hone the specific skills that will take you into the winner's circle. Training at the Pilates Studio can help you bring the winning skills from the pilates reformer into the ring. Improving the Equestrian to have a balanced ride.


The core muscle system is the key to efficient, graceful and balanced equitation.  A properly engaged core maximizes muscular and skeletal alignment, resulting in better equitation, a lighter body on the horse and improved rider-horse communication. In Pilates training, core work is the foundation of every exercise. 


Consistent abdominal control is critical for generating power in all types of riding: English, Western, Dressage, Cross Country or Trail Riding.  Although the foundation of abdominal strength  is a strong core system, it must be fully developed to include the internal and external obliques, as well as the the rectus abdomens, aka the Six Pack. Pilates develops muscles and aligns the skeleton for maximum strength and control.


The shoulders are one of the most anatomically complex parts of the human body, as well being highly prone to injury and dysfunction. Nevertheless, learning how to engage this area successfully can make a major difference in equitation and riding performance. Proper shoulder function is essential for balanced riding and hand-to-bit communication. Pilates training strengthens the shoulder muscles and stabilizer muscles. Strong shoulders lead to relaxed hands and more refined, gentle bit control. Shoulders, arms, hands, reins, bit. It's all about communication.

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