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“After my first session, I knew I'd be seeing Robert at least 10 more times. The first workout went a bit over an hour and I could see the results that day and later the next. He looked at my posture and body and knew exactly what to work on. It's been 5 sessions so far and my body is completely different. He really knows what he's doing and he really exercises the right parts of my body. I will be training with Robert for a long time.” — JEFF KLINGER

“I have being practicing Pilates for over a year now with Robert and I love how creative he is while creating different routines. I had a lot of back problems, bad posture and flat feet and he correct them all.” — CRISTHIANE OLIVEIRA

“Knowledgeable, dedicated, and passionate.... He works your butt off!! The combination of strength training and Pilate would be my recommendation.” — STEVE YJH

“I’m getting old…LOL! I’m turning 50 this year — lifting weights and high impact cardio do a number on my joints these days. After sharing sentiments like this with a friend, he suggested I try pilates with his instructor, Robert Hanson. I had taken an intro class at the gym once before and remember thinking how surprisingly difficult it was to coordinate movement combined with body position, breathing, etc. Now, working one-on-one with Robert, I’m remarkably impressed with how thorough of a workout I get and with how patient and knowledgeable Robert has been as I begin to ‘master’ pilates…ha! I’ve worked out with Robert about 10 times, so far, in the studio on La Cienega and I’m going to try and in-home session (yes, Robert is mobile!)…although, I think I’ll probably end up preferring to work out at his studio, from a mental standpoint. Anyway, Robert’s great — highly recommended!!” — MARK GENTILE

“Robert Hansen has a technical background in body mechanics that helped me get back into shape despite my low back pain issues. He had his work cut out for him with me as I've been very athletic my whole life and his methods in Pilates got my core solid so that our sessions moved from restorative to muscle building. I called it "Guy Pilates," as most people think Pilates is 'for girls.'  His methods were challenging and without pain. He constantly had new challenges for me and worked with me until I mastered them all. He's not only nice, but tough when I needed it. Thank You Robert!” — MICHAEL SABAT

Robert Hanson

Robert Hanson

“Robert offers several types of workout styles but all end up being effective. I've tried strength training, yoga, and pilates with him and all have left me sore the next day (the good kind.) He knows how to work around your problem areas and how to target the muscles that need to be strengthened. He also had me do specific exercises at home to correct my posture & back problems. He's incredibly personable and has a wealth of knowledge. He makes workouts an enjoyable experience & stays with you the entire time to help & correct your movements. You won't find him yelling at you from across the gym while texting like the typical trainer. Well worth the investment & it shows.” — ALEX AGUILAR

“Robert is an excellent Pilates trainer. He has a professional and gentle manner and really understands his craft. I worked with Robert after sustaining an  injury and found him to be very understanding yet he did not allow me to perform beneath my ability. I have taken Pilates for over a decade and can say with a great degree of confidence that he is one of the best in the field.” — MELANIE PETERSEN

“Robert is thoughtful, intuitive and challenging. He listened to my needs for my body transformation and he created a plan to help me achieve my goals. He is always on time and forgiving when I needed to cancel (single father of two, emergencies happen). I am very grateful to have his knowledge and insight.” — GAETANO JONES

“I love my Pilates training with Robert.  He is incredibly knowledgeable about every part of the body we are working and why. I didn't want to be a stooped over old person like you see walking down the street and Pilates with Robert is my line of first defense!  I have become stronger, straighter, and more aware of my body as a result of working with him. We don't lollygag around but go straight to work as I see other trainers who barely put in an effort with their clients. I work hard for the hour — worth every dime.  Run, walk or UBER to train with him!!!” — GM FORREST

“Love working out with Robert. He adjusts each workout to the body and the range of his clients. The best part is that you see immediate results. I love working out at the studio but also love the fact that he is mobile, so sometimes we work out in my backyard. Hands down, best Pilates experiences I've had so far!” — KATHERINE CASTRO